CB Clothing Co T Shirts and Apparel

CB Clothing Co T Shirts and Apparel

CB Clothing Co T Shirts and Apparel


CB Clothing Co is a privately owned 100% Australian business which has over 20 years’ experience in the Apparel industrial design and manufacturing process. Combining the best raw materials available and world leading production process to provide quality and value in everything they produce.

Premium Quality T Shirts available in a range of popular styles and colours, they have a goal of making the best cotton garments in the world for digital and conventional printing, We at the Custom T Shirt shop think they have achieved their goal.

Using only 100% Australian grown cotton in the production of their yarn that is then used to manufacture a range of the most popular styles available from any wholesaler. With strong Quality control on everything they produce and having WRAP Certification you can feel confident you are only getting the best when you purchase CB Clothing Co T Shirt or Apparel.

Why do they use Australian Cotton, by using Australian Cotton we are helping support our Australian farmers and there are Significant benefits ecologically as well! Australian Cotton has seen a reduction in the use of pesticides of 85%, has a yield of double or higher to equivalent cotton and uses half the water to grow. With an endorsement by Cotton Australia you can feel safe about the raw materials being used to create these T Shirts and Apparel.

CB Clothing Co have a philosophy of Quality, Value Passion. And this is evident in the great T Shirts they produce

When you take everything into consideration when selecting your T Shirts and Apparel why would you not select CB as your first choice.

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