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Recently updated on March 28th, 2024 at 08:00 am

With our Website and online designer it is easy to create a T Shirt and Apparel that you will love! Follow these easy steps and you will create your own masterpiece that you can wear with pride.

  1. Choose the T Shirt or Apparel that suits your needs.
  2. Click on START DESIGN, this will open the product design window, this will be where you choose the colour, the size, how many and design up the T Shirt or apparel just how you want it.
  3. Choose the colour of the T Shirt you are after.
  4. Choose the size you need and how many.
  5. Click the Zoom to make the design area the full size. (Please be aware the background image is for indication only), I have found it best to click on the Zoom button this will bring the design area to maximum, and click zoom to return to product view when complete to get an idea how the finished product will look.
  6. Click on Upload image, browse your computer, tablet or phone for the image you want, you can also choose a photo or image from your Facebook or instagram (Instagram will only work on Tablets and Phones that have an active account, this option is not available on PC’s) accept copyright terms. The image will load, the time this takes will depend on the size of the image and your internet speed.
  7. Adjust your image. You will see in CM the size of your image in the image tab adjust to the required size, position, rotate, crop and remove background colours(clear colors). convert to 1 colour tool will convert to straight black but for other colours will add a colour gradient over the image, this can be a cool effect.
  8. Add more Images as required, in the Layers area you can drag elements up and down, this will move the layer forward and backward in the design area.
  9. Click on Add Text, Type into the text tab. Choose the font you want, our fonts are in catagories to make it easy for you, the font examples will load slowly on most connections but can be speed up by selecting them. Choose the Colour of the Font. Style your Text, Bold, Italics and Underline. Align your Text Right Justification, Left Justification, Center Justification. You can see your size of the text in Cm in this tab. Unlock proportions, this will allow you to make the font height and width different with out affecting the other. Text Curve, this does just what it sounds like it allows you to curve the text this is done by degrees, it is very easy to do, have a go and see how a slight curve to your text can make a big difference. Reverse will reverse the curve. Spacing will space out the text when using the curve. Patterns will add a pattern to the Text this works best with Thick and Heavy fonts.
  10. Add Stock Art, we have loaded Print ready designs into this tab that you can choose from and use. they are in categories to make it easy for you. We have also added a couple of templates that are easy for you to add text to and make a design your very own.
  11. Add Name and Number, this will do what it sounds like adds text for name and number in one go, this is a more limited text editor.
  12. You can save your design and work on it later, this will be in My Designs.
  13. View will show you all print positions on the T Shirt or apparel
  14. Share will let you share your design on social media or email it to someone so your friends can give you feedback on your designs.
  15. Select All, this will select all elements of the design so you can resize them in one go to the desired size.
  16. Toggle Flip allows you to horizontally flip your design.
  17. Horizontal alignment will center your design element to the design platen. This is most probably the most helpful tool to make sure your design is centered.
  18. Vertical alignment will center your design element to the design platen.
  19. The movement arrows will allow you to make incremental changes using the arrows, great for fine adjustment.
  20. The Bin will delete the element.
  21. Reset this will remove all elements so you can start again.
  22. Copy, this will add another copy of the element
  23. Once you have completed your design click on the Buy Now, your order will be added to the cart, now all you need to do is Check out and we will get your T Shirt and Apparel printed up and sent out to you as quickly as we can.

If you are having troubles, need help or want to create a t shirt that is a little different to what we have online, contact us and we will see what we can do to help. Email us at  or Phone us on 07 3139 1813.

The website online designer is for display purposes to assist in designing your T Shirt and some difference in the shirts and how the design looks on the T Shirt will occur. If you need exact sizing, please add any relative information to the notes. It is important to contact us if there as specific requirements as the online designer is a guide only and there will be a difference in the print size between different sizes, Sizing of the image is done by our best judgement.

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