Pack Your T-Shirts Wrinkle Free

Pack Your T-Shirts Wrinkle Free

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4 Easy Ways To Pack Your T-Shirts Wrinkle Free

Going on a trip is an exciting time for you and packing your t-shirts shouldn’t be a hassle at all. It can be a frustrating feeling to finally arrive at your destination, open up your luggage and find that your t-shirts are nothing but a shriveled mess. Constantly worrying about your t-shirts getting wrinkled is enough to put you off the mood of relaxation, so here are 4 neat and efficient packing methods so that your t-shirts can go on any adventure wrinkle free.

1. Pack Smart

T-shirts are lightweight and so it can be really tempting to just dump a bunch of them in your luggage without a second thought – this can be one of the many ways your t-shirts can get wrinkled. So being smart with your packing should be the very first thing you do. It will only take a few minutes of your time and by doing this, you can often pack more items or simply travel more comfortably.

Ask yourself which t-shirts will get the most wear, which give you the right fit and shirts are most comfortable. Once you know which t-shirts to jettison, narrow the remaining down to your favourites and pack those. For travelers, dedicate separate sections of your bag to dirty clothes and clean clothes. Thinking practically and smart is a great way to limit your t-shirts so your luggage will be less cramped therefore reducing the chance of your t-shirts being wrinkled.

2. The Army Roll

This is a good method to use and will also keep your luggage setup organised. The army uses this method to maximise efficiency and space; flight attendants also use this method to keep their uniform looking crisp and clean. There are many variations to this method, but the easiest way is to place the t-shirt face down and fold arms back which will give you a long rectangle, then fold lengthwise and roll up. There are a lot of people that stand by the idea of rolling instead of folding, and with a method as easy and simple as this, it may make you a devotee yourself.

3. The KonMari Style

The Japanese are known for being at the forefront of minimalist style, and the KonMari style is a great example of this. Organising expert Marie Kondo has devised the perfect way to fold your t-shirts and store them neatly in your luggage. The instructions are complex, but once you’ve mastered it, you will never fold a t-shirt any other way again.

What you do is lay the t-shirt down flat in front of you and fold in the right side with the sleeve flat. Then fold back the sleeve halfway and repeat that with the left side so you’re left with a rectangle. Then fold in the neckline an inch or so away from the hem, fold halfway and half again until it can stand upright. All the folds will supposedly make the t-shirt impervious to wrinkles and makes your t-shirts look nice and presentable in your luggage.

4. Using A Sock

Though very peculiar, this method is a very efficient way pack a t-shirt and will have zero creases once you are ready to wear them. First, place your t-shirt flat and fold both left and right sides normally. Next, lay wool socks in an overlapping manner so the opening of the socks extends out where the sleeves of the t-shirt used to be. Then, roll the t-shirt down over the socks from top to bottom into a tight skivvy roll. Now take one sock at a time and fold it back over the t-shirt. Now you have a sock sized and wrinkle free t-shirt that can be packed in any bag or luggage. This method is especially great with camping trips.

We hope these tips are helpful, there are many other ways to pack. Just use your imagination and give it a go.

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