We Care

We Care

We care about customer, if you need one T Shirt to one thousand, we want to help. We work with our customers to get them the T Shirts they need at the most affordable price. We offer a range of T Shirt printing services that are sure to cover the T Shirt Printing needs that you have, and if we cannot help, we will help you find someone that can.

Customer service is a priority to us and we do all that we can to help.

We know that sometimes you need a fast turn around T Shirt printing service, we offer in store Print While you wait, and online fast handling times.

Our environment is important to us that is why the wholesalers that we choose to get our products from are OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100 as well as WRAP certified. If we do not think the product or brand is being a good global and Eco-friendly community member we will stop dealing with them.

We believe that Knowledge is power and are always trying to increase or knowledge-base so that we can make informed decisions that are based in Fact.

Quality over Quantity. Our aim is to be the best at what we do not the biggest, we fell as a small business we are able to focus on our customers needs better than a multi-national or a Large National Brand that is just about doing the most they can.  We are happy to talk to you about your one off just as we are happy to talk about a volume order.

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