About Our Staff

Welcome to The Custom T-Shirt Shop – Your Ultimate Destination for Personalised Style!

Are you searching for that perfect, one-of-a-kind t-shirt that speaks to your unique style? Look no further! At The Custom T-Shirt Shop, we specialise in creating personalised t-shirts that are as unique as you are. Our wide range of designs, sizes, and quality fabrics ensures that there’s something for everyone, whether you’re dressing for a special event or simply elevating your everyday wardrobe.

Crafted with care and designed to impress, our custom t-shirts blend creativity with comfort. From vibrant graphics to subtle, elegant designs, our collection is tailored to suit all tastes and occasions. Plus, with easy customisation options, you can transform your ideas into wearable art.

Join us in celebrating individuality and fashion-forward thinking. Browse our collection today and discover how The Custom T-Shirt Shop is redefining personalised apparel, one t-shirt at a time.



The Heart and Soul of The Custom T-Shirt Shop

David is not just the owner but the heart of The Custom T-Shirt Shop. His day revolves around ensuring top-notch customer service and bringing creative t-shirt designs to life. A hands-on leader, David actively engages in customer interactions, art creation, and even steps into the printing process when needed. His commitment to quality and personalized care is what sets the shop apart, making each custom t-shirt a testament to his passion and dedication.


Content Manager

Product Guru of The Custom T-Shirt Shop

Amanda expertly manages our website, ensuring an engaging and smooth online experience for customers. Her role extends to collaborating with wholesalers, handpicking the best quality materials and latest designs for our t-shirt collection. Her dual focus on digital excellence and product quality significantly enhances our customers’ shopping experience.



Print Manager

Jaiden has left our Small Local Bussines

We wish Jaiden all the best in her future endeavors.



Website Manager

The Architect of Our Online Presence

Dave is the mastermind behind our website’s impressive look and feel. As our Website Manager, he’s responsible for creating an online platform that’s not only visually stunning but also incredibly user-friendly. His expertise in web design and development has given our website a unique edge, making it a delightful digital destination for our customers. From seamless navigation to the latest features, Dave ensures every aspect of our site reflects the innovation and creativity.


Print Crew

A Vital Cog in the Print Crew

Ricky, a vital member of our print crew, excels in transforming designs into high-quality prints. His meticulous attention to detail ensures every t-shirt is crafted to perfection. His dedication is a cornerstone of our commitment to delivering top-notch custom apparel to our customers.


The Boss

The Four-Legged Heart and Soul of The Custom T-Shirt Shop

Meet Missy, the true boss and beloved mascot of The Custom T-Shirt Shop! This cheerful canine is more than just a pet; she’s the spirit of our workspace. With her wagging tail and friendly demeanor, Missy brings a unique, joyful energy to our shop. Her presence uplifts the team’s spirit and brings smiles to everyone who visits. She’s not just a mascot; she’s a furry embodiment of the positivity and warmth we strive for in our business. Whether greeting customers or playfully roaming around, Missy is an integral part of our family, making our shop a happier and more welcoming place for all.

Meet the Team That Makes Magic Happen

Thank you for taking the time to meet the talented and passionate team behind The Custom T-Shirt Shop. From the artistic vision of our owner, David, to the digital expertise of Amanda and Dave, and the skilled craftsmanship of Jaiden and Ricky, every member plays a pivotal role. And let’s not forget Missy, our furry mascot, who adds a special touch of joy to our workspace.

Our team’s diverse skills and unwavering dedication are what make us stand out in the world of custom t-shirts. Whether it’s creating unique designs, managing the finest details on our website, or ensuring the highest quality in our prints, we’re committed to delivering excellence. Our team embodies the spirit of innovation and customer satisfaction that The Custom T-Shirt Shop is known for.

Stay connected with us to see the latest in custom t-shirt fashion and to experience the exceptional service that our amazing team provides. Remember, at The Custom T-Shirt Shop, we’re not just making t-shirts; we’re creating wearable art that tells your story. Visit us again soon!