Customer Behavior Policy


At The Custom T Shirt Shop, we are committed to creating a welcoming and respectful environment for all our customers and staff. We value your patronage and strive to ensure that every interaction within our community is rooted in mutual respect and understanding.

Policy Statement

We firmly believe in maintaining a safe, inclusive, and positive experience for everyone. To this end, we have established the following guidelines regarding customer behavior:

  1. Respectful Interaction: All interactions with fellow customers and our staff should be conducted with courtesy and respect. We encourage open, honest, and positive communication. This can be in person, via email or phone or by other electronic methods like social media or alike.

  2. No Bullying or Harassment: Bullying, harassment, or intimidation of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, threatening language, abuse, and discriminatory remarks.

  3. Constructive Feedback: While we welcome feedback and constructive criticism, it should be provided in a respectful and non-disruptive manner. Aggressive or derogatory comments are not conducive to a productive dialogue.

  4. Adherence to Community Guidelines: Customers are expected to abide by any additional community guidelines or rules that are specific to certain platforms or services provided by The Custom T Shirt Shop.

  5. Consequences of Poor Behavior: In the event of a breach of these guidelines, we reserve the right to take appropriate action. This may include warning the individual, temporary suspension of service to the individual, or if we deem it appropriate, a permanent banning of our services. If this happens we will cancel and refund any online orders, this will also include any associated websites that The Custom T Shirt Shop provides. All measures are taken at our discretion, our decisions are final and are not open to negotiation.   

  6. Reporting Mechanism: If you witness or experience behavior that violates our policy, we encourage you to report it to us through our email All reports will be handled with confidentiality and urgency.

In Conclusion

Our goal is to foster a community where everyone feels valued, respected, and safe. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines and helping us maintain a positive environment for all our customers and our staff.

Thank you for being a part of the The Custom T Shirt Shop community.