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Printing Info-
With the online service your T Shirt will be Digitally Printed (DTG), we also offer Screen Printing, Dye Sublimation, and Embroidery as a service, if you need one of these methods used to print your T Shirt or apparel just drop us an email and we can send you a quote. We usually Print your T Shirt where possible the next Business day after you order but please be aware of the estimated printing time and shipping times of each product as listed, we do experience delay from time to time (this may be due to increased work load or delays from the wholesalers on our blank T Shirt stock), but we will do our best to get it out fast for you as we can. When you create you T Shirt it will be saved to the server as a PNG that we download and print from, so we can only make Minor Changes, But if you let us know what you need fixed and we will have a look and do what we can for you. Please be aware the Maximum Print Are is 350x400mm. Images are only saved online for approximately 2 months, we will have them saved on our local server for approximately 12 months after you order.  
We only charge $12.50 flat shipping, we try to print your T-Shirts and Apparel as fast as we can and send via Australia Post or Couriers Please. We ask that you give us a week from order to allow for any delays we may experience from time to time, but this is usually the worst case. We try to print and ship the next business day where possible. If you need it quick let us know and we can see what we can do to help. Just a FYI, We ask that you check the estimated print date on the product. we work with you not against you and we ask that you do the same for us. We do charge for Express Post if Required on products that it has not been allocated to.


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