How to Choose A T Shirt from our large range of Brands & Styles available to choose from, The Custom T Shirt Shop we are here to help with your T Shirt printing needs.

We have a Range of Promo, Mid-Range and Premium T Shirts and Apparel for you to choose from.

How to Choose A T Shirt…

  1. Quality, Choose the quality of the T Shirt that you need.
  2. How fast do you need it, check the estimated print dates?
  3. Choose whether to order Online or In-Store.

We can break these down into some information to help you make your choice.


The Promo T Shirts (Light Weight On-Sale T Shirts) are the basic T Shirt, only available in White & Black the Men & Ladies T Shirt is 150GSM and the Kids T Shirt is 180GSM, they are a Basic Australian Cut.  This is our entry Level T Shirt and is only available On-Line. The Estimated print date will be around 5-8 Business days after you order.

The range of Mid-Range T Shirt brands are, Sportage and RAMO these T Shirts are  Australian Standard Fit, please Check the size guide for full details, Sportage are Combed Cotton. These T Shirts are available in a good range of Colours and styles. The Estimated print date will be around 3-8 Business days after you order. WE predominantly use RAMO branded T Shirt for specialty Tees such as Raglans and Ringer Tee’s.

The Range of Premium T Shirts is available in CB Clothing & AS Colour. The CB and AS Colour are very similar in the construction and quality. The CB Classic and the AS Colour Staple T Shirts are the Euro Classic fit that is currently popular. The CB Fitted Tee is a Modern Fitted style (Similar to the AS Colour Paper T Shirt that was available in the past). The Ladies CB Fitted Tee (Similar to the AS Colour Wafer T Shirt that was available in the past), are a fitted tee. Estimated print date will be around 3-8 Business days after you order. We do carry some of the AS Colour Men and Ladies Basic T Shirts as Well as the CB Clothing men Classic and Ladies Fitted tees in stock and on hand in White and Black.

Different T Shirt Brands and Styles will have different handling times. We have created an On-Line Same Day & Express T Shirts that costs a little extra, but we either have it on hand or can get it quickly. Please be aware ordering an Express Tee and then ordering an on-sale tee will result in the order being printed when we are able to print the on-sale tee. We cannot speed up the process for many shirts.

By Ordering Online you will find that there are some savings over ordering in-store or by email. Ordering in-store we will help you get the process right, online you do need to put some effort into checking the Size Guide, and product information.