DTF Printing Service

DTF Printing Service

DTF Printing Service

DTF (Direct to Film) is a digital process that creates a full colour transfer. The process uses a special water-based ink to print a film transfer that has a powdered glue which is applied to the back and then heat cured ready to be applied to the garment. One of the benefits to DTF (Direct to Film) over DTG Direct to Garment Is the Transfer can be fitted to most materials including 100% Polyester. The transfers are applied using a heat press and have a thin, soft hand feel. We utilise the DTF transfers to print onto polyester and other non-cotton and blended fabrics that are difficult to print using traditional DTG printing.

DTG (Direct to Garment) is designed for printing cotton garments, DTF (Direct to Film) will never replace DTG for cotton printing, but it is a alternative when needing to print onto T Shirts and Apparel that DTG Printing method is unable to print onto.

DTF (Direct to Film) is an exciting additional printing method to decorate T Shirts and Apparel. We strongly believe that DTF will become the preferred method for printing names and numbers onto jerseys and sports uniforms, as it removes the weeding part of Vinyl Print and cut process.

The durability of the special ink and adhesive used in DTF printing is ideal for like high vis workwear, gym and cycling gear. Being a water-based ink, it is environmentally friendly and it doesn’t crack like some traditional screen printing and has a very soft hand feel.

Seeing is believing, come instore to check out our samples of our DTF (Direct to Film) printing. While the process is a little more labour intensive than DTG, and the finish is different as well the quality is very high. As with DTG (Direct to Garment) and maybe even more important that the resolution of the artwork needs to be high for the print to get good results.

As with most things DTF equipment is important to get great results, using a home printer and cheap supplies will result in a poor-quality print that does not last, we have held out until we feel that we were able to utilize technology that has a retail quality print and finish.

While the Technology has been around for a while, we have taken our time to watch and learn about the process, and we have seen some companies pop up offering to supply DTF transfers that we could purchase and fit, we check these out and found that most had significant problems. So we waited to offer this as a service.

One of our wholesalers that we purchase equipment advised us that they had a professional solution that would suit our business, so we went to a sales evening and checked out the solution, we then got some samples and check ot how it worked in our store. We were impressed with the outcomes, but were still a little sceptical, so when the company ran a training course we attended and learnt how to do the process properly. We then purchased the solution and did some trials and testing in house. We found that not only did it meet our expectations it exceeded them. There was a learning phase and during this time we did not offer it to customers. Now that we have the Solution in place we are happy to offer this service to customers.

We are proud to offer this new Technology as part of our printing services. Contact Us to find out more or get a quote.

If you are just wanting to buy the transfers yourself and fit them, check out DTF Transfers Australia.

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