At The Custom T-Shirt Shop, we can print t-shirt order for you from one to what ever you need. DTG T Shirt Printing is the most affordable option when printing low numbers or when you require a colorful and detail print. We understand that you want things simple, so we do not hide or add charges that we have not discussed or quoted you. With DTG Printing we can Print While you wait in-store or fast handling time for online orders All Prices and handling times are online in Custom Printed T Shirts tab, our handling time will depending on the size of your order. If you have a deadline though, have a talk to us, and we will see what we can do to help. Unlike screen printing and other decorating methods DTG has no setup costs when you supply print ready artwork. We will require a high resolution image for your T Shirt Print, if for some reason your art is too low a resolution or not appropriate for printing we will talk to you and work with you to help provide an inexpensive option.DTG Custom T Shirt Printing is done on 100% Cotton Garments or Cotton Rich Blends. For Premium Print Quality when printing onto Hoodies and other fleece apparel, the blend should be no greater than 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester. All of our prices are inclusive of GST. For detailed pricing and to order check out Custom Printed T Shirts tab. If you need more help or information check out our  about the process or Contact Us.


Visit Custom Printed BYO T Shirts  to see all pricing and options.


  • 1+ BYO Garments White T-Shirts with one full colour print, single position print $21.50 each.
  • 1+ BYO Garments Black or Colour T-Shirts with full colour, single position print $28.00 each.


We have selected Styles and Colours In-Store for print while you wait and fast turnaround printing, there are some costs that apply when coming in-store and getting printing done, these are:-

  • Art Preperation, if we need to help you with artwork there is a $20 for up to 10 Minutes and $20 for each additional 15 Minutes, this is for where we need to help get you the required art work done. (if you complete and pay the BYO T Shirt design online tor alternatively supply print ready art work there will be no cost for artwork.)
  • Print While you wait, if you need the T Shirt straight away we will print up to two T Shirts while you wait, there is a cost of $9.00 on top of the normal costs for this service.

If you need any further information please contact us for a quote or more information. All Pricing is a guide only please check online or ask us for a quote for exact pricing.

The website online designer is for display purposes to assist in designing your T Shirt and some difference in the shirts and how the design looks on the T Shirt will occur.

About DTG (Direct To Garment) Printing

DTG (also known Direct to Garment) is a printing technique that uses modern specialised printers. The DTG Printing method is a digital process and if the images or art work are of a high resolution nature minimal setup time is required. Unlike a lot of other printing methods, the number of Colours and small detail are no obstacle.

What does this process Suit.

DTG Printing can print onto T-Shirts, Hoodies, Polo’s, Shopping Bags, Tea Towels and a lot lot more. The main requirement is that the garments be 100% Cotton or Cotton Rich.
Preparation of your art.

DTG Printing can print Photos and detail images and also text and numbers. The creation of art work to print can be very easy, you can print a varity of file types but the two main types are .png & .jpeg, the advantage of .png is that it can have a transparent background that would be the colour of the T-Shirt. The best software for creating artwork to print onto is either Photoshop, Corel Draw or When creating art for printing the maximum print size is 350mm wide and 400mm Long. The Resolution should be 600DPI on Black and Colour and can be 1200DPI on White T Shirts. The Colour Setting should be RGB. Use a transparent back ground. If this is all a little bit to much for you, you can design using our online designer and ask us to remove any backgrounds or do any other basic changes for you.

Getting your art to us for Printing.

This part is easy. Load your art work on a USB Stick if you are coming into the shop and getting your T Shirts printed while you wait. If ordering online use the online designer to get you T Shirt just how you want it and then add to cart and purchase, the artwork will be saved to our server. If you want to order over the phone or through email, email or send us a drop-box link to your art, we will create a mock-up and send a quote, once you approve the mock-up we will issue you an invoice for payment and upon cleared payment we will then print up your T Shirts. If necessary we can do some basic artwork for you, we are unable to do complicated on create your artwork from scratch(eg. create you a logo for your company) if this is necessary we can give you the name and number of Graphic artists that can help with this.

What Happens Next?

Once the art work stage is complete and payment has been received, if required we will order in any T Shirts or apparel we do carry stock of our most popular products on hand at all times. We will create the Ready to Print Files and save these under your name in a file on our server. All of your garments will be gathered together, we will pre-treat if necessary. (This is on High Resolution White Images and always on Dark Garments). Then we will print your apparel and then heat-set the garments. From there we will pack them up and advise you they are ready for collection if you are doing Local Pickup, or we will pack and dispatch them with either Australia Post or Couriers Please.

How Do I Look After My DTG Printed Apparel.

The best way to look after your DTG Printed T Shirts and Apparel, is to Wash it when you receive it (this is to make sure that any chemicals like pre-treatment are washed out of the garment). When washing, machine wash on a cool to cold wash on a t-shirt or gentle cycle. Dry you T-Shirts or apparel in the shade. To get the best life from your print, wash and hang the T Shirts inside out. Do not put the T Shirts or apparel through the dryer. Do not use harsh chemicals (Oxy Action chemicals in Detergent, Pre-Soak and Fabric softener is a harsh chemical) and do not Dry Clean. Do not directly Iron the print, if ironing is required iron on a low setting inside out. DTG Prints are rated at 50+ but if you follow the care instructions you will get a lot more from your Custom Print.
The Technical Stuff

When we print onto White T Shirts we will sometimes use a White pre-treatment, this helps stop the ink soaking into the T-Shirt making the print more crisp and bright. Black and Colour T Shirts and garments are require to be Pre-Treated, this is to stop the White ink being absorbed into the Cotton and the chemical reaction between the white ink and the pre-treatment, bonds the ink to the surface of the material and make a crisp and bright print. The pre-treatment is a water soluble solution and will wash out of your garment, this may take up to three washes to be totally gone from your garment but the majority will be removed after the first wash.
The Ink that we use is Acrylic based, and is CPSIA compliant, this ensures it is safe for your little ones, environmentally friendly and bio degradable.
Our Printers are Brother GTX DTG Printers, we have chosen this printer due to the quality of the prints and being a purpose built commercial printer you get a print that lasts. We have a premium RIP software that ensures that your print is processed so it prints at the best it can. All of this combined give peace of mind that you are getting the best.
Want More information check our our DTG (Direct To Garment) Printing Service page, or contact us.