At The Custom T-Shirt Shop, we can Dye Sublimate your Work and Sports Shirts for you. Dye Sublimation is best suited to 100% Polyester Garments. On White or very light colour Polyester Garments we can print full Colour Prints. On Hi-Vis Work Wear the Logos or Printing needs to be Black or very dark in colour. We understand that you want things simple, so we do not hide or add charges that we have not discussed or quoted you. Processing time is 5-8 business days, depending on the size of your order. If you have a deadline though, have a talk to us, and we will see what we can do to help. With Dye Sublimation the Print Size is A3, due to the Nature of Dye Sublimation we do not charge a setup fee on ready-made garments. If Full Body Sublimation (all over printing) is required there are minimum numbers and a setup cost will be required. If you require this process contact us for a quote. If for some reason your art is too low a resolution or not appropriate for printing we will talk to you and work with you to help provide an inexpensive option. Dye Sublimation is a process where the ink under heat is transformed from a solid start to a gas state without going through a liquid state. The advantage of the Dye Sublimation process is at around around 200 degrees, the pores of the Polyester open up and become porous and the Ink turns to a gas at around the same temperature, when the heat is removed the print is part of the fabric. This make Dye Sublimation Printing onto Polyester very rugged and Durable. All of our prices are inclusive of GST. All of our pricing is a guide, and please contact us for a firm quote. If you require more information or if you need more Positions or Full Body Sublimation, please contact us for a price.


  • 1+ BYO Garments White T-Shirts with full colour, single position print $24.00 each.
  • 10+ BYO Garments White T-Shirts with full colour, single position print $22.00 each.
  • 50+ BYO Garments White T-Shirts with full colour, single position print $18.00 each.

If you need any further information please contact us for a quote or more information. All Pricing is a guide only please get a quote for exact pricing

About Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye Sublimation Printing Process is where a Transfer is created with a specialized printer using a specialized ink and specialized paper. The Transfer is applied to a 100% polyester garment using heat and pressure, the pores of the Polyester fabric open up and become porous at around 180-200 degrees and the Ink on the transfer paper turns to a gas at around the same temperature. Once the heat is removed the pores of the Polyester fabric close up again and the ink turns back to a solid locking the print into the fabric.

What does the Dye Sublimation process Suit.

Dye Sublimation is used commonly to add a full colour print onto 100% Polyester White or light colour garments, the Process can also be successful on light col;our garments but if you are wanting to achieve this it is most probably best to talk to us and show us your design. For full body sublimated garments, this process is where the whole body of the garment is covered by the printing process and is usually done prior to the garment being stitched together, the pieces of the garment are White in colour and then all colour is added by the sublimation process. Once the garments are fully printed they are stitched together and shipped. We out source this work as it is done offshore to keep the process affordable. Dye Sublimation is also commonly used to put logos onto Polyester Hi-Vis work wear, due to the transfer nature of the process the Logo or images to be added need to be Black or dark in Colour. This is the most successful way to decorate Polyester Hi-Vis Garments.

Supplying Art Work.

Like all process that we use to print with Dye Sublimation needs a high resolution image to print from, the Colour Range can be CMYK but we have found for best results it is best to have your art in RGB. The Resolution should be 600DPI and the max print area that we can print in house is A3 with a 5mm bleed line around the outside edge. Supplying your art on a USB Stick or via Email or a dropbox link are the perfected methods to get your art to us.

Sports Uniforms.

The Sports uniforms of today are more and more often being Full Body Dye Sublimation. we can help with this, it is important to plan our your uniform and where you want logos of Sponsors Numbers and name of Team and Players, this is due to the fact it is hard to add elements to the design after it is printed. (The best method to add Logos Names or numbers to these types of garments after they are printed is Vynal Print and Cut Process).

What Work Wear?

The Hi-Vis 100% Polyester Polo is becoming the main work shirt worn in the work place these days. It is easy and inexpensive to add your logo to your work shirts by using Dye Sublimation process. We have also used this process to successfully put logos onto the Soft Shell Jackets that are popular at the moment.

If you want more information about pricing check our our Dye Sublimation Printing Service. Or if you have any questions or need a Quote Please contact us.