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Recently updated on March 29th, 2024 at 12:52 pm

Here are some basic T-Shirt Care instructions so you can get the most out of your Custom Tee.
Like everything you purchase there are things that you need to do to look after your T Shirts, there are also a few things you should not do. We have created the T-Shirt Care instructions so you understand the Do’s and the Don’ts
We have also included a few tips so you get the most out of your Custom T Shirts.

Please be aware that when you first get your T Shirt there will be some heat press marks, and may have signs of where the Pre-Treatment has been applied, don’t worry these will wash out in the first wash.

The Things to Do.
It is important to wash the garment before wearing
Cold to cool wash on the gentle cycle.
Wash and dry the Tee inside out.
Air Dry out of direct sunlight.

The Things Not To Do
Do Not use harsh chemicals.
Do Not dry clean.
Do Not tumble dry.
Do Not iron the print.

A few extra steps to help get the most out of your Custom Printed Tee.
Here are a few extra things to be aware of so you can get the most out of your T Shirt.
The washing detergent that you use matters, avoid any detergents that have Oxy-Action in them, this will reduce the life of the print and the T Shirt. We recommend using a PH neutral washing detergent like OMO Sensitive.
Hanging your T Shirt on a Hanger straight out of the washing machine will help with the drip dry and avoid the need for ironing. If ironing is required, use a low heat and iron the T Shirt inside out to avoid damaging the print.

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