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The Best T Shirt Printer

Not all DTG Printers are the same, We Use the Brother GTX DTG Printer and have not made this choice lightly.

Some DTG printers are built from an Epson Paper Printer and Adapted to use the DuPont Inks designed for T Shirt Printing; Then there are Purpose Built DTG Printers that are designed to print onto t shirts and apparel. While the Retrofitted printers are OK, we believe you cannot go past a purpose-built machine. The Ink is necessary as well as it gives you the Wash-ability, (how many times you can wash it before it starts to wear.) On a White T Shirt it will make only a small difference between the printers, as the ink dyes the Garment, When Printing onto a Black or Coloured T Shirt the Printer will put down a layer of White ink that sits on top the garment, some inks have a Shiny Plastic Texture which we do not feel is appealing in a custom printed T Shirt, the Brother has a light Rubber texture to allow for stretch and a Great Wearing Print. We are dedicated to using one type of printer to ensure you get the same kind of print each time; we also feel this is important. In the Future when the Technology changes we will take into account what we feel is the best for producing a T Shirt for you that you will love, as this is important to us.
The Brother GTX has all the benefits of the Brother GT3 with the added benefit of higher resolution, and a faster print speed, increased washability of the finished product, and a more vibrant print.
As new technology becomes available we will continue to upgrade or printing solutions to give you the best quality prints available.

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