AS Colour T Shirts and Apparel

AS Colour T Shirts and Apparel

AS Colour T-Shirts and Apparel with Custom Print.

AS Colour designs and manufactures quality T-Shirts and Apparel ready for you to add your design. They believe in taking their time with every product they produce and make. Only designed and created using the best materials available to create premium apparel that will stand the test of time. AS Colour has three fundamental principles

-Quality is the key
-Respect the detail
-Keep it simple.

What makes AS Colour different all starts with the F’s, Fit, Fabric, Finish and Factories.

Fit, throughout the design and sampling process AS Colour, scrutinise every dimension and detail. That’s how they make sure all of their garments that they produce are timeless and always fit as they should.
Fabric, The production process begins with sourcing the highest quality yarn. Paying attention to the entire textile process so that the end garment holds it was shaped and built to last.
Finish, Keeping a close eye on every step in the intensive production process. Because of the close involvement in quality control, AS Colour T-Shirts and Apparel have been produced with a quality finish that is considered by the industry as one of the best to print onto.
AS Colour, work in close collaboration with each of the facilities that produce their products, by doing this the T-Shirts and Apparel that they sell can be maintained at a consistent pricing and quality. With regular audits to ensure all of the factories meet the high standards that have become the expectation of AS Colour and their customers in the Production, Labor and Environmental.

With a range of T-Shirts, Singlets, Tanks, Sweatshirts, Knitwear and more. AS Colour T-Shirts and Apparel are sure to have what you need, add your custom design the range to make it them very own.

Check out our full range of AS Colour T Shirts, Polos and Fleecies.

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