We are happy to announce that we are once again offering Embroidery as a Service again, check out out guide pricing below.



Handling per order $15.00

Digitizing per design $35.00

  • BYO Garments 1-10 Standard Chest Logo $25.00 each
  • BYO Garments 11+ Standard Chest Logo $20.00 each
  • BYO Garments 21+ Standard Chest Logo $17.00 each

If you need any further information please contact us for a quote or more information. All Pricing is a guide only please get a quote for exact pricing.

About Embroidery Decorations

Embroidery Decoration process is the use of stitching in patterns and using different coloured threads to create a picture. In commercially embroidery jobs the art work to be used to decorate the garment is digitized, this is the process of creating all the stitches and colour changes to create the finished image on the garment.

What does the Embroidery Decoration Suit.

Embroidery is a great way to decorate work wear, uniforms & promotional products. Embroidery has an prestige look to it. Done correctly the garment will have a quality look. The Embroidery process suits most fabric types, the only time that the finish might look a lees that appealing is when it is done on very lightweight material and if a heavy backing material is not used the decoration can look puckered around the design.

Supplying Art Work.

Like all process that we use to decorate with, embroidery needs a high resolution image to digitize from, the Colour Range be kept to minimal colours, the greater the colour changes the more expensive the embroidery job will be. The decoration area should also be kept to around the 80mm x 80mm, this is to keep the decoration at a reasonable price, if a larger area is required you should contact us for a price as the greater the decoration area the greater the cost. Supplying your art on a USB Stick or via Email or a dropbox link are the perfected methods to get your art to us.

Sports Uniforms.

A Sports uniforms can look great when the team or club logo has been embroidered onto the chest. with embroidery decorations it is usual to decorate the back of the garment using a different process, such as Vinyl cut transfers, or Screen Printing. Feel free to talk to us about what methods will best suit what you want to achieve with your Sports Uniform Needs.

Work Wear.

The Hi-Vis 100% Polyester Polo or Cotton Work wear can both be decorated using the Embroidery decoration process. Work Uniforms are also commonly decorated using the process due to the high quality look of the decoration.
If you want more information about pricing check our our Embroidery Service page.We currently do not offer Embroidery but are happy to talk to you about your needs and advise on what we think is your best option. If you feel that you would like more information please contact us.