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Helpful Information About the Process

We have put together some important information so you can understand the process that we follow. This should help understand all the ins and outs of how it will work once you order your T Shirts.

Ordering Your T Shirt and thing to be aware off.

When ordering your T Shirt there are several options,

  • Same Day T Shirt Printing
  • Express T Shirt Printing
  • On Sale T Shirt Printing
  • By Brand and Styles

All our T Shirts have an estimated print date on them, this is not set in stone but is a very good indicator, we recommend that you use these dates as a guide when ordering to make sure that the estimated print dates suit your timeline that you require the T Shirts. In these difficult times that we are experiencing there are unexpected stock shortages, and freight delays, if your order is impacted, we will contact you and let you know what is going on and what we can do to sort out your order.

Same Day T Shirt Printing, if the order is received prior to 10.30am on a Business Day, we will print and have the T Shirt ready to collect by the end of the day or if posting it will be dispatched the following morning. All orders received after this time will be printed and dispatched the following Business Day. We only have selected products available for Same Day T Shirt Printing. (Please be aware that ordering products with the order other than Same Day Printing will slow the process down)

Express T Shirt Printing, once your order has been received it will be processed the following Business Day and we will print and have it ready to collect or shipped in Three to Four Business Days. (Please be aware that ordering products other than Express Printing with an order will slow the process down)

On Sale T Shirt Printing, once your order has been received it will be processed the following Business Day and we will print and have it ready to collect or shipped in Six to Ten Business Days. On Sale T Shirt Printing is only available in Black and White.

By Brand and Style Printing, once your order has been received it will be processed the following Business Day there is an estimated print time on the website for each product, this is to allow for us to order and get the stock and then print up your order.

Uploading and designing artwork for your T Shirt, you can upload artwork using our online designer tool, there are several different formats that you can upload to the website, but we recommend using a High Resolution .PNG with a transparent background. There is a text editor as well that allows you to add and some text on the T Shirt as well. We have library of help videos that will lead you through the design and ordering process. The following is a good guide if you are creating your own artwork,

  • Image Size 350mm x 400mm (Cropped as necessary)
  • Create the artwork in RGB
  • Create the artwork at a minimum of 300DPI
  • Remove any backgrounds.
  • Save as a Hi-Res file
  • Save the Artwork as a .PNG

If you need to scan a Photo or a picture, we recommend downloading CamScanner there is a free version available in the app store and google play. Find a well-lit area and use your phone to scan, with a little practice you can get the images perfect. Allow some area around the image for the water mark that is automatically added within the app, you can crop the watermark out in the design tool.

Here are some helpful sites for artwork and design:

If you are having problems designing your T Shirt or Apparel, please email us at and we will see what we can do to help.

If your print is a little off centre, we will align the print for you. The Online Design Tool is a guide only and if you want an exact size please add the dimensions to the notes, the sizing of the image is done by eye and we do our best to match what you have designed, we do not proofread any text and are not responsible for any mistakes the customer makes during the design process. We print from your supplied artwork we do not look for higher resolution artwork if a low-resolution file is uploaded. If you need us to remove backgrounds or other minor modifications to your artwork, please add notes in the checkout page.  

We have of recent had a lot of problems with customers supplying artwork from Canva, in nearly all instances there are problems with the artwork, please take this into considerations, and if you are supplying artwork created in Canva it is most probably best to let us know in the notes so we can have a look out for any problems. 

The Use of Copyright material, this is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they have permission or own the artwork to be printed, The Custom T Shirt Shop will not undertake any checks and by clicking on the copyright terms and conditions the customer is agreeing to take responsibility for any copyright and trademark infringement.

Pricing and Payments, All of our T Shirt have a cheaper price for white than colours, on average it will cost $6.50 more for a coloured T Shirt than a White T Shirt this is because there are extra cost associated with printing a coloured T Shirt. We do offer Volume Discounts on all our products except for the on-sale products, some on-sale products do have discounts, and these are listed on each individual product description page where available. For all other products we offer 5% on 5+ items, 10% on 10+ items, 15% on 15+ items and 20% on 20+ items, this is automatically added at the checkout. When checking out there are coupon codes available, if you have a valid coupon code, please enter it when checking out, the coupon codes do not stack so ensure you are getting the best discount before using any codes.

We have Paypal and Limepay payment methods available, with Paypal you can use your account or pay as a guest with credit card, Limepay offers Credit Card and Buy Now Pay Later options. These are both secure payment gateways and no payment information is stored on our server.

At checkout you can create Account for future use, this will save your past orders and information for future use, your artwork will only be saved on our server for approximately three months, after this it will be automatically deleted. At this current time, we are unable to offer new user accounts unless you are checking out, this is due to the amount of spam Accounts created in the past by Bots.

Processing your Order, once you place and pay for your order, we will process it on the next Business Day. We will create a folder on our print server for your order and save your invoice and artwork to the server, we will send a processing email with your estimated print dates and some important information. We will print out your invoice and pick or order the stock that is needed for your order, once all the stock is available, we place your order in our Print Que.

Please be aware of the following, we download your artwork as a .PNG and are unable to make major changes to the artwork and text as it is a flat picture that we will print from. The colours of your artwork may vary by up to 10% due to the printing process, the colours of the T Shirts and apparel are for display processes only and to assist in the design process and there may be a difference between the T Shirt on screen and the supplied product by up to 10%, there can also be a variance between different batch lots supplied by our wholesalers, we do not adjust colours of the artwork supplied, if you think the red is not as red as the supplied artwork or etc, please take into consideration the above statement. We do not colour match colours to garments even if requested as this is all but impossible for us to do.

Your Text and artwork will be downloaded as a flat image and is very difficult if not impossible for us to change so please ensure that you proofread and check your grammar prior to ordering.

If you have left any notes about your artwork we will process and manage them at this stage of the preparation.

We are unable to take responsibility for and the customer must ensure they have taken all care with the following.

  • Spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors made by the customer.
  • By placing the order, the customer accepts any mistakes that they have made in the online designer.
  • If the artwork you as a client upload is low quality, and results in a poor print.
  • 10% difference in design printing colours & size
  • 10% difference in the actual garment colours
  • Errors in user-selected options such as product type, size or colour. Please use our size guide for measurements. Please be aware that manufacturers size tolerances are + or – 2.5CM.

Printing Your Order, when your order is ready to print, we will open your file on our print server and your order on the website, we will add your artwork to the print manager and size by eye to the online design tool on our website, if there are any notes on sizing, we will use these to size the artwork, please be aware that our maximum print size is 35CM x 40CM. We will print all White T Shirts without white ink, Colour T Shirts will have a pre-treatment sprayed onto the T Shirt and will be printed with White Ink. (The Pre-treatment is part of the process for printing onto colour T Shirts, this helps the white ink to bond to the T Shirt and stops it being absorbed by the Cotton.) We Print using DTG (Direct to Garment} and use the Brother GXT Printer.

There will be an outline that you can see on colour T Shirts, this is from the Pre-Treatment and curing process. The Pre-Treatment solution is water soluble and will wash out where there is no white ink. You can simply wash this out by following our care instructions.

Local Pick-Up and Shipping, once your order has been printed, we will notify you via email or SMS. For local Pick-Up we will put your order in our after-hours collection, and you can pick up your order when it suits you. When we send you the SMS or email with the details on how to collect your order there will be detail instructions and a code so you can collect your order, please be aware that we have had several customers that have deleted these messages thinking they are spam, please keep an eye out for these messages. For shipped orders we will send an email with your tracking details and how we shipped your order, we use Australia Post and Couriers Please to send all our normal orders, for large local orders we may use a door-to-door courier from time to time. Same Day and Express Orders will be sent with Express Post.

We can take no responsibility for Australia Post or Courier delivery timeframes, if you have any inquiries, please contact the delivery company direct, we will include the tracking website in your email.

Our shipping cost is flat rate $14.00, and free on orders over $145.00, this is applied automatically if flat rate shipping is chosen.

When you Receive your order, it is important to read and follow our care instructions once you receive your T Shirts, most of our T Shirts and apparel are made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Follow these guidelines to get the most out of your T Shirt,

If you follow these general rules your garment will last for 30 washes plus, according to Brother.

  • Wash before you wear
  • Wash and dry inside out
  • Cold to cool gentle cycle machine wash
  • Do not use a clothes dryer
  • Do not use harsh chemicals
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not directly iron the print

For best results and longevity of the print and T Shirt it is best to use a PH neutral washing detergent such as OMO Sensitive Laundry Liquid Detergent.

If you have a problem, if there is a problem we want to know, send us an email to along with photos of the problem, please make sure that you have read the above and are aware of the process if you need to return an order please be aware of the following,

  • All returns must be approved via email prior to being returned.
  • No returns will be accepted after 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • We do not accept returns for change of mind.
  • We do not accept items that have noticeable wear or makeup stains.
  • We do not accept errors in approved proofs, errors supplied artwork or spelling or grammatical errors.
  • We do not accept returns If the artwork you as a client upload is low quality, and results in a poor print.
  • We do not accept Errors in selected options such as product type size or colour.
  • We do not accept Garment shrinkage in wash if our care instructions are not followed.
  • We do not accept returns where the artwork is within 10% of the original colour palette.
  • Please be aware that if you knowingly destroy or shrink garments there will be no refund issued as we have processes in place that will indicate if heat has been applied to garments

All shipping charges for returning products to us must be paid by the returnee. We do not reimburse shipping charges. 

All Returns are for Store Credit or exchange, we do not offer a refund unless it is covered by the consumer law.

All Images are a representation of the T Shirt only there may be a variation between the T Shirt you receive from the model shots and the online designer images, we strongly recommend checking the size guide on each product. There may be a colour variation between the supplied garment and the supplied garment, this can be due to the nature of Online Graphics or Batch Lots.

Cancellation of orders: All cancellations will have a 33% restocking fee, unless agreed by The Custom T Shirt Shop to Waiver, this will only be if there are stock shortages or stock has not been ordered.

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