Custom Printing onto Polyester Cool Dry T Shirts and Polo’s

Custom Printing onto Polyester Cool Dry T Shirts and Polo’s

Recently updated on March 29th, 2024 at 12:56 pm

Do You have a Gym or are you a Personal Trainer and wanted to get your Performance T Shirts and Apparel printed with your Logo onto it?

Are you a Tradie and want to get you High Vis Polyester T Shirts and Polo’s Printed with you Company Logo printed onto them?

For the longest time printing onto Polyester, Cool Cry, Dri Fit (sometimes called Dry Fit), Sports Wear, Active Wear, and other synthetic materials, has bee an expensive and difficult process unless you are doing large volumes! With DTF (Direct To Film) becoming now more widely available and the technology becoming more suited to commercial printing, this is no longer the case.

It is now possible to easily get that Nike Polo printed with your full colour logo onto it even if you are only after one, and it can be done at an affordable price. In the past this would have had to be done with Vinyl Print and Cut, this process is very labour intensive and if using high quality vinyl it can be expensive.

On Light colour garments Dye Sublimation was always and is still a great option, but if your design is colourful and your T Shirt is not white, this may be difficult if not impossible to do.

SupaColour and UltraColour were great options in this instant, one of the main drawbacks was that there was a setup cost associated and the image to be printed had to be supplied in a .eps, and if you did not have your logo in this format you would have to pay to get it created into a vector. The other main drawback was that you needed to purchase a minimum of 10+ transfers, and this option did not become affordable until you were doing volume purchases. As a result of this it was quite expensive to do low volume runs.

Another option may have been to Screen Print your T Shirt if you logo is simple, but there are pitfalls to this as well if it is not done correctly as polyester has unique characteristics that need to be taken into account, and to do Screen printing you need to be looking at volume orders.

Now with DTF(Direct To Film) it is Possible to print your Sports Wear. There are a few tings to be aware of though, Not All DTF is the same, some DTF is created using a Home printer that has been converted into a DFT printer, this is far from ideal. There are different quality Films and adhesive, it is like the old adage you get what you pay for. DTF can be under cured, and it can be overcured, DTF Transfers need to be created and fitted using professional equipment. To Find out more about DTF Printing Check out our Blog.

DTF is a great option to print onto,

  • Gym Wear
  • Polyester
  • Dri Fit
  • Cool Dry
  • Elastane
  • Spandex
  • Active Wear

and other synthetic materials.

We can do as little as one T Shirt or apparel for you. At the moment this is limited to BYO Garments, but we are looking to add a polyester range to our website in the coming months.

Things to be aware of when ordering DTF Printing onto Polyester Garments.

  1. The transfers are charged per size, eg Pocket, A4, A3 and Oversized
  2. High Resolution artwork is required, in either a .png with transparent background, or a vector image such as a .eps or .ai.
  3. The process takes time, we need a minimum of 5 working days to complete all of the steps need to give a quality print finish.
  4. The print process when finished needs to harden onto the T Shirts and Apparel for 24 to 72 Hours.
  5. Our Care instructions do need to be followed, as with all custom printing to get the most out of your print you need to follow the simple care instructions.
  6. It is not possible to achieve exact colour matches like PMS Colours and there may be a slight variation between the colours when printed.

We are so happy to now be able to do your Polyester and Synthetic Material Custom Printing for you.

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